HDTV Shopping Guide

The problem is that when you hit the stores looking for a HDTV, you will see all kinds of models and styles and may have to rely on the sales personnel to help you choose the perfect HDTV for your home. Instead of taking the advice of a sales person that just wants to make money and may steer you towards the most expensive TV set in the store, you should follow this guide.

The first thing you must consider is the viewing angle. I have had both plasma and LCD TV’s in my home and I can tell you from experience, that an LCD will allow you to view from any angle. I can watch all my favorite shows while fixing dinner or sitting in any location in the room whereas with the Plasma the screen was often darkened from various angles making it hard to see what was going on in the crime lab and if Abby was talking to co-workers or even to herself.

The static resolution is also important if you truly want a remarkable HDTV that will allow you to feel like you are present in the movie or even at the ball game. Can you see the fine details? Look at the clothing and faces of those on the screen, you can see the eyelashes or do you see a kind of smear?

Pay close attention to fast movements of the screen. Ask the sales clerk to change the channel if you have to in order to see how clear a sporting event is viewable. As the skier is going down the track, does he look like a blur or can you actually see his legs and arms as he is swooshing down the hill?

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